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"Nutri Divine", a nutritional supplement for making super hair, will be released in January 2022.

Posted by Lee Moon Won Bio(ip:)

Date 2021-12-01

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"Nutri Divine" means 

"the guardian god who protects your hair".


Doctor Lee Moon Won
has been working for years
to develop and launch the nutritional supplement "Nutri Divine"
 in the hope that everyone can have super hair.

To this end,
he analyzed the dietary and nutritional characteristics of patients with hair loss,
whom he has treated for many years,
the ingredients and functions of supplements,
 and the strengths and weaknesses of hair and nail supplements on the market.

It was an important process to determine what ingredients are necessary to create super hair and in what proportions they will be most effective.

And now, as a result of these research and efforts, “Nutri Divine”, which combines 14 nutritional ingredients and 2 herbal ingredients, is scheduled to be released in January 2022.

Even if "Nutri Divine" is not a medicine, but a supplement for super hair, it was created with the same diligence as medicines prepared for patients! 

"Nutri Divine" is currently undergoing clinical trials on efficacy and safety and will be presented to you at the end of January 2022.

Attachment a084470931deb07c3c90f71d93cace69.jpg , 크기변환_뉴트리디바인 사진.jpg , 크기변환_원장님진료중인사진.jpg , 크기변환_뉴트리디바인 서프리.jpg , 크기변환_뉴트리디바인 알약사진.jpg


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