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Deep Hair Treatment Pack

Elastic and regeneration of hair
48 hours Moisture
damaged hair recovery

Elastic and regeneration of hair
48 hours Moisture
damaged hair recovery

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  • "Nutri Divine", a nutritional supplement for making super hair, will be released in January 2022.

    "Nutri Divine" means 

    "the guardian god who protects your hair".


    Doctor Lee Moon Won
    has been working for years
    to develop and launch the nutritional supplement "Nutri Divine"
     in the hope that everyone can have super hair.

    To this end,
    he analyzed the dietary and nutritional characteristics of patients with hair loss,
    whom he has treated for many years,
    the ingredients and functions of supplements,
     and the strengths and weaknesses of hair and nail supplements on the market.

    It was an important process to determine what ingredients are necessary to create super hair and in what proportions they will be most effective.

    And now, as a result of these research and efforts, “Nutri Divine”, which combines 14 nutritional ingredients and 2 herbal ingredients, is scheduled to be released in January 2022.

    Even if "Nutri Divine" is not a medicine, but a supplement for super hair, it was created with the same diligence as medicines prepared for patients! 

    "Nutri Divine" is currently undergoing clinical trials on efficacy and safety and will be presented to you at the end of January 2022.

  • Big summer sale event and Super Shiny Hair Event!!

    Big summer sale event and Super Shiny Hair Event!!


    From July 25 to August 1, for the first time, 
    we will provide a 30% discount
    on all our products in the online shopping mall.


    Also, we are offering a 15-25% discount 
    on scalp diseases, hair loss, and alopecia areata treatment 

    so everyone can enjoy super hair in 2021.


    The current Super Shiny Hair Package event will also continue.


    In addition, we have a 10% discount on all our products 
    in the online shopping mall.


    Big summer event for 8 days only!!

    From July 25 to August 1, 2021,

    30% off on all our products in the online shopping mall.

     Do you have a product you've wanted to try for a long time?

    Or you want to purchase products you've been already using in advance, 
    at a good price?


    Don't miss the big discount summer event. Only 8 days!


    Applicable to all products of Lee Moon Won (product sets are excluded)

    Products ordered during this period will be shipped from August 2nd. 

    Free shipping is available for orders over 400,000 won.


    1.  Hair loss, scalp disease, and alopecia areata treatment Event!



    15-25% discount event is being held 

    on hair loss, scalp disease, and alopecia areata treatment 
    until August 31, 2021.


    Pay for 3 months of treatment in advance and get a 15% discount and 

    pay for 6 months of treatment in advance and get a 25% discount.



    2. Making Super Shiny Hair Event


    With shiny hair, no matter the hairstyle, your natural beauty will shine.


    Making Super Shiny Hair Package Composition: 
    Deep Hair Treatment Pack + Essential Serum + Bamboo Comb


    Step 1 for Super Hair - LMW Deep Hair Treatment Pack (Head Spa Effect):

    Yukmijihwang and Hydroprotein fill the damaged hair cuticle, 
    moisturize and give a beautiful shine.


    Step 2 for Super Hair - Essential Serum:
    Camellia Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil,  Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, 

    create a protective hair barrier for 24 hours.
     Hair does not get tangled and becomes smooth, and the delicate 

    and the high-quality aroma of tea will make you stand out.


    Step 3 for Super Hair - Bamboo Comb: 

    Super Hair's secret weapon has been inherited for hundreds of years.

    The fine-tooth comb cleanses damaged hair cuticles, smooths the hair surface,
     and improves blood circulation by stimulating the scalp. 

    You can also get rid of the curls.


    You can purchase the Making Super Shiny Hair Package 
    at a 25% discount.


    10% discount applies to the purchase of each item separately.


    Making Super Shiny Hair Package Price


    1) Deep Hair Treatment Pack (200ml) + Essential Serum (100ml) + Bamboo Comb: 

    Original price 167,000 Won -> Event Price 125,250 Won


    2)  Deep Hair Treatment Pack (1000ml) + Essential Serum (100ml) + Bamboo Comb: 

    Original price 377,000 -> Event Price 282,750 KRW



    3. Other products will available with a 10% discount until August 31, 2021.

    You can purchase our products at our online shopping mall!


  • In the online version of ELLE magazine, LMW Shampoo was introduced
    Elle`s magazine issue published last week introduced LMW Shampoo.

    "Dry, oily, or sensitive scalp? 
    My shampoo recommendation No. 62
    The fate of your hair and hairstyle depends on the choice of shampoo."

    Under this heading, 
    an article was published where the editor introduced LMW Shampoo 
    as one of the recommended ones.

    The article highlights the advantages and disadvantages of different shampoos, 
    and also notes the importance of being aware of the correct timing and method of use. 
    Particularly important, according to the author, 
    is the correct selection of shampoo that is right for you.

    LMW Shampoo is presented as 
    a shampoo with a high concentration of herbal ingredients that prevent hair loss.

    According to the author, 
    LMW Shampoo has a strong cleansing effect 
    and is suitable for problematic oily scalp or 
    people suffering from male-pattern hair loss. 
    By using it, the condition gradually improves

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